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Among the parishioners in St Peter’s congregation, is a group who are part of the world-wide movement called Cursillo, the purpose of which is to strengthen and encourage us as disciples of Christ, equipping us to become purposeful Christians in God’s world, and helping us to engage more deeply in the ministry and mission of the Church.
It is primarily for laity, although most of the New Zealand Diocesan Bishops and many clergy are members, known as Cursillestas. Waikato Diocese is where our parish is affiliated.
This group meets every 1st and 3rd Wednesday in each month, a time of self accountability to the commitment each has made to servanthood for Christ. This is not a time of Bible Study, for there are groups especially for that, but a time for sharing with others on a regular basis, the individual Christian journeys. There are regular planned ‘Ultreyas’ or gatherings planned by the Diocesan Secretariat, and each year interested ‘pilgrims’ attend a 3 day short course of introduction and preparation for the future journey as a Cursillesta.
Further information can be found in pamphlets in the foyer, or by talking with the Vicar.