email from Archbishop Philip Richardson & Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley re General Synod – A Way Forward – Motion 30

email from Archbishop Philip Richardson and Bishop Helen-Ann Hartley received 14th May 2014

Dear colleagues in ministry,

Motion 30: A way forward.

General Synod / Te Hīnota Whānui, Waitangi, May 14th 2014.

After significant debate and discussion over several days unanimously agreed to the attached resolution.  It is very important that you read this resolution in its entirety.

 The commitment contained in this resolution upholds the traditional doctrine of marriage.  It also seeks to provide a process to explore whether there is a structure for our Church going forward that holds this traditional view of marriage, and a way of recognising and blessing those in life-long same-gender relationships.

 Throughout the Synod, we gained a deep sense of the way in which two distinct positions were held together in the unity of Christ.

 As bishops we commend to your prayers the important work that must now continue.



Joint letter from Archbishop Philip Richardson, Archbishop Winston Halapua and Archbishop Brown Turei – 20140514 Letter to Bishops from the Archbishops

Motion 30 – A way forward – Motion 30, GSTHW 2014

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