Marg Jordon and her dedicated team through Moggies Market, are our greatest source of fundraising for St Peter’s Missions and they deserve your support.   St Peter’s main overseas mission is to support Ora through Jan & Chris Barker, principally investing in safe water projects in Uganda.

St Peter’s Missions also support Dramaza Mike, a young lad in a village in Uganda.   Our support helps to pay for his education, ensuring that he has a future.   Dramaza lives in a household of 11 with his uncle who is a watchman and subsistence farmer growing food crops and fruits, mainly for home consumption.    Check out the Mission notice board for more information, and a lovely photograph of Dramaza.

St Peter’s Missions also support the Katikati combined churches Food Bank, which recently gave out 21 food parcels to Solomon Islanders living and working in Katikati, who were suffering as a result of sending their wages home to support for families back home suffering as a result of the recent devastation.    Brendan also allowed one to “phone home” using the church phone, because he was so worried about his family.

St Peter’s Missions also support the Seasons Progremme for loss and grief, bible in schools, and other local community initiatives.