Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care St Peter’s Church

The Purpose of Pastoral Care is to keep in touch with all members of the parish family & to give support when required.

  • To ensure all newcomers to the parish are welcomed & supported.
  • Maintain a regular programme of home visiting as required.
  • Provide assistance to those with special needs within our Community.
  • Advise the Vicar of Parishoners in hospital & give support to the spouses at home.
  • Sending appropriate cards & thoughts to members who are ill or celebrating.

Present Pastoral Care group:

Judy Harden, Convenor; Diana Curtis; Marg Jordan; Kay Still; Meg Wiseman; Raewyn Horne; Dorothy Warbrooke

If you, or someone you know is in need of help, or you would like to assist this caring group, please contact the Pastoral Care Convenor, Judy Harden; phone 07 549 1990.